About KRSTN.nl

It all started in 2006 with web development. With the open source CMS system MODX a lot of websites were built. Because there was more and more demand from customers about online marketing, we specialized more and more in this field.

The basis of this online marketing was initially a book about Google Analytics (sold via bol.com) and not much later Google Adwords (also sold via bol.com). Kristiaan & Suzanne, both owners of KRSTN.nl started from there specializing in Google Ads and successfully maintained campaigns for companies from the first hour Google Ads was available.

One of the specializations was Google Shopping and to excel in this Kristiaan had founded a "business on the side" namely Tri-Sports.nl, a brand in (triathlon) sporting goods. This was sold from its own webshop with the main goal of providing insight to customers on how this could work for their brand or business. But if you have a webshop and you are successful because good scoring in Google is no problem, you soon run into the fact that you have to send a lot of packages. That has to change, Kristiaan thought and that's how the idea of marketplaces was born.

We have been active on marketplaces for 5 years now, combining our knowledge of advertising with that of SEO optimization. Through bol.com, Amazon, eBay, Walmart etc. we sell for many companies. And by now there are already some 7-figure business among them that we have helped to be successful.

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